Getting Permission for a Flex Network License Online

This topic describes how to activate a Flex License which allows you to manage network licenses of ARES products.

As an administrator for network licenses, you must have

To get permission for a Flex Network License:

  1. In a web browser, type to log in to the Customer Portal with your account.
  2. On the Customer Portal web page:
    1. In E-Mail, type the e-mail address you use for your Graebert Account.
    2. In Password, type your password.

    Use the same credentials as those when you created your Graebert Account.

  3. Click Login.

    The Customer Portal opens.

  4. On the Dashboard, click My Organization.
  5. Under Organization, click Products.
  6. In Specify permission key, copy the Permission Key you received when you purchased the Flex License.
  7. Click Add product to my list.

    The name of the software product appears under Products, for example, ARES Commander.

  8. Click the product name stripe or the arrow  next to the product name to expand product information.

    The information includes product version, type of the license (in this case FLEX), and the Permission Key for the license.

  9. Click Activate Flex License.
  10. In parallel, start the Graebert Network License Manager (NLM) on your computer.
  11. On the Licenses menu of the NLM, click Request License.
  12. From the Request Licence dialog box, copy the Ethernet ID to the clipboard.

    Keep the NLM application and its Request License dialog box open.

  13. Switch back to the Customer Portal.
  14. On the Flex License Activation page, paste the Ethernet ID into the Ethernet ID box.
  15. Click Activate.

    The license key for the network license displays.

  16. Click Download Network License File.
  17. In the dialog box, specify the location of the network license file (named license.netlic, by default).
  18. Switch to the Network License Manager.
  19. In the Request License dialog box, click Import.

    Note: You can also click Import License on the Licenses menu of the NLM application.

  20. In the dialog box to import the network license file, navigate to .netlic file, select it, and click Open.

    You are then prompted to restart the service to enable the network license.

  21. On the Service menu of the NLM, click Start to start the NLM service.

    Note: On the Server Log tab of the NLM, you can view the communication log with the network license server.

  22. On the File menu, click Exit to exit the Network License Manager.

    The NLM service runs in the background.

    Note: Descriptions about the administration of Flex Licenses, activating and returning network licenses on client computers, and borrowing network licenses are provided in a separate document about the Network License Manager (NLM).

  23. (Optional) In the Customer Portal, click Logout  to exit your account.

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