Getting Permission for Your License Online

This topic describes how to activate a license from a trial or demo version.

You must have

To get permission for your license online:

  1. Start the ARES Commander trial version.
  2. If you disabled showing the Start Page when using the trial version previously: Click Account next to  in the title bar (or select Start Page from the Account drop-down list).
  3. On the Start Page,
    1. In E-Mail, type the e-mail address you use for your Graebert Account.
    2. In Password, type your password.

    Use the same credentials as those when you created your Graebert Account.

  4. Click Login.
  5. Click Manage Account.

    The Customer Portal opens.

  6. On the Dashboard, click My Products.
  7. In Specify permission key, copy the Permission Key you received when you purchased the license of the software product.
  8. Click Validate Permission Key.
  9. Click Add product to my list.

    The name of the software product appears under My Products, for example, ARES Commander.

  10. (Optional) Click the product name stripe or the arrow  next to the product name to expand product information.

    The information includes product version, expiration date of the license, type of the license, and Permission Key.

  11. Click Logout  to exit the Customer Portal.

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