Creating an Account

To use your licenses of ARES products, you need a Graebert Account.

You create one Graebert Account for all ARES Commander products you use.

The Graebert Account is free at no charge.

You can create the account

Note: Once you created a Graebert Account, you can run ARES Commander as trial version for 30 days as long the product is not licensed.

To create a Graebert Account:

  1. Start ARES Commander.
  2. On the ARES Commander Start Page, click Create Account.

    If you disabled showing the Start Page: Click your username next to  in the title bar, then select Account.

  3. In your Internet Browser, on the Graebert Customer Portal, click Create Account, then specify the minimum requirements for your individual account:
    1. In Contact Information, type your First Name and your Last Name.

      You can add more contact information such as Address, Country, and Phone Number.

      In Language, you can select the language you prefer to use within the portal.

    2. In E-mail Address, type your E-mail address.
    3. In Password, type a Password.

      Note: Create a strong password to keep your account safe.

    4. In Retype Password, retype the password you specified.
  4. Click Create Account.

    You'll be sent a confirmation e-mail for validation.

  5. Open the e-mail client of the specified e-mail address and the confirmation e-mail you've been send.
  6. In the e-mail, click the verification link to confirm the creation of your Graebert Account.

    When you log into the account the first time, you receive a message that your account has been activated successfully.

 Note: You can reset your password anytime. See: Resetting the Password.

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